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About Street Food Planet

We are natural born travellers, trekkers and passionate for traditional and exotic cooking as cultural demonstrations of people. We are writers of flavours, reporters of stories, amateur photographers and life lovers with very light backpacks.

We travel new places, making frequent stopovers, searching for street meals, traditional foods, popular and unusual dishes, their ingredients and resources.  We discover the people behind food stalls and rescue all those marvellous stories that people often overlook.


Founder & Editor


I am a professional Cook and Designer. Passionate for cultures, people, good music and especially for food, not only fancy dishes but particularly common ones, the ones of our daily life, dishes emerged from people´s creativity that might look pretty simple but we all love.  When I try new dishes I always try to identify ingredients and spices, cooking techniques and then do some research about its secrets and tricks.  I enjoy sharing my spare time with my family and friends, gathering around a nice meal and always try my close ones to know about those dishes that I’ve learned during my life.

I have had the opportunity to know various cultures, to live and travel different places, close and far away from Colombia, my home country.  I’ve been always interested for all kinds of food, especially street one.  I wonder with the way dishes look (as a Designer I can’t help doing it), the way they change from town to town, from one country to another, the different cooking techniques and local resources they use, making people love their dishes.

After travelling around some of the most wonderful places around the world, being delighted with their local foods, I founded Street Food Planet project, which starts in South America, during the trip I made with Marcela; and it will expand to all those famous and not-that-famous street dishes around the world, popularly acknowledged by their quality.


Reporter & Co-Editor


Veterinary Physician and Scientific Illustrator.  Adventurer by conviction, amateur photographer and a marvellous writer.  Her passion for nature, species conservancy and social causes have led her to walk through the most remote areas in Colombia, combining research with social work among the most vulnerable populations.  Due to her great social sensibility she really enjoys sharing her spare time to help people in need.

Marce is my traveling companion, we walked together all round South America and she is largely responsible for my decision to start this project.  She is a natural born reporter.  It was due to her collaboration and her charming personality that we could gain confidence from people behind the stalls and built enough trust with them to get their stories, something that we would hardly know if not for her tact and confident attitude to people.

She is a tireless traveller; loves trekking on mountains, feels amazed by the views from the top of them and enjoys exploring natural parks, reserves or exotic destinations.  She is a healthy lifestyle lover who fascinates by new flavours but even more with nutritional properties of foods.

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