What is SFP?

Forget about booking tables! Street Food is the Best… and for only little money!!!

Enjoy Street Food Planet!!!

Welcome to SFP (Street Food Planet), a blog created for those passionate for food tourism, for those who enjoy cuisine without the formalisms of posh restaurants, for those who encourage to try new flavours at the food trucks, stalls, local markets or street vendors….and for those who think that probably one of the best ways to approach a culture is through food, eating what and where locals do.

SFP: The Best Street Food

We want to become a cultural exchange community and a source of information for travelers, exalting traditional foods of each country, foods with identity, foods that use their very own resources from their culture and region and those who dare to make fusions as well. We acknowledge not only those places preferred by the locals but also those unknown places that we have discovered during our journeys, exalting the hard work of the anonymous cooks who make from their stalls their source of daily income.

If travelling is stimulating, discovering new foods abroad is just an overdose for our senses. Sight, hearing, smell and taste are bombarded at once with such quantity of sensations that it’s impossible to resist trying them. So forget about booking a table, get shiny cutlery, and pay an expensive check….. You don’t need anything but the pavement, hunger, your hands and only little money to taste the best meals all over the world.

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The STREET FOOD BLOG! FInd some of the best Street Foods you can get around the Planet!!!